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  • Prickly chayote, botanically known as Sechium edule, is a climbing vine and member of the Cucurbutaceae family along with gourds, cucumbers and melons. Prickly chayote is one of several varieties of chayote, each type having a slightly different color, shape or in the case of Prickly chayote a signature coating of spines on its exterior.
  • The Prickly chayote can first be recognized by its green-gold spear-like projections covering its surface, which act as a natural defense mechanism. The amount of spears will increase as the squash matures on the vine. Chayote squashes are also defined by their pear-like shape. The Prickly chayote's flesh is creamy white in color with a slightly crisp texture that becomes as succulent as it matures.
  • Seasoned chefs will note that Prickly chayote are preferred over smooth chayote for their sweeter flavor and firmer flesh. Prior to consuming the Prickly chayote should be peeled, this can be done when it is raw or cooked, though cooking first may aid in peeling by softening the squash.
  • Prickly chayote squash can be eaten both raw and cooked. Use raw sliced thin or shredded in both green and chopped salads. Roast and add to soups, curries and stews or grill and serve as an accompaniment to main courses featuring pork and poultry. Prickly chayote squash can also be deep fried or used to make pickles and chutneys.
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