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  • The Manzana chile pepper, also known as Rocoto, Manzano and Peron is a rare type of chile pepper. In Spanish Manzana translates to mean apple, a nod to the peppers apple like shape. Unlike most chiles cultivated in Mexico the Manzana chile is not a part of the common botanical family of Capsicum annuum but rather a part of Capsicum pubescens a species of pepper from the Andes region.
  • This species of peppers is unique in the fact that the leaves of the pepper plant are covered in fine hairs and the seeds of the peppers are black in color.
  • Like many chile pepper varieties the Manzana chiles are utilized to add heat and spice to foods. Peppers can be added whole to chili, soups, sauces and carnitas. Chopped they will add flavor and spice to salsas, chutney and rajas preparations. Cook down with other peppers to make liquid hot sauce or pepper jelly.
  • The thick meaty skin of the Manzana pepper makes them ideal for stuffed preparations such as the classic dish of chile rellenos. Their thick skin makes them unsuitable however for drying. Their spice and flavor marries well with lime, avocados, onion, oregano, tomatoes, cheese, cornmeal, sweet potatoes, fish and grilled meats. Manzana chile peppers will keep refrigerated for up to two weeks.
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