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  • Guaje, pronounced (GWA-heh), is of the genus Leucaena and also know as huajes, hauxya, and guaje beans. Guaje pods grow from a tree known as Leucaena leucocephala which is also known by the Maya as Uaxim and in English as Leadtree, White Popinac and Wild Tamarind.
  • Like many legumes the seeds of the Guaje are high in protein. For this reason they have long been used as a feed for livestock, having a nutritive value that rivals even alfalfa.
  • The seeds of the Guaje can be used fresh when young and green but are most commonly used dried or roasted. In Mexico the dried seeds are roasted and salted and eaten as a snack that is also known as "cacalas". Popular in Mexican cuisine they are often ground and added to salsas and guacamole. Their flavor enhances soups and sauces, particularly moles.
  • Their flavor enhances soups and sauces, particularly moles. Add ground Guaje seeds to rice dishes, curries, omelets, roasted root vegetables or batter for fritters. Roasting or frying the seeds prior to use will enhance their flavor and impart a subtle sweetness to the seeds.
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