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  • Huauzontles, botanical name Chenopodium nuttalliae, also called huazontles or Cuazontles, is a member of the goosefoot family along with quinoa, lamb's quarters, purslane and amaranth. It is an herbaceous plant grown for its buds and seeds.
  • Huauzontles is distinctive in its appearance. When growing in the field or garden the plant grows upright branches with red tinted green leafy stems which produce flower clusters that have the appearance of baby broccoli buds. The buds sprout from tiny branches upward and outward from the plant's stems.
  • Tortas de huauzontle, where the buds and stems are boiled, drained, battered and fried, covered in cheese and then bathed in a cheese, cream based or tomato sauce.
  • Favorable pairings include cheese, cream, chiles, bacon, cured meats such as pancetta and prosciutto, lemon, lime, cumin, light-bodied vinegars, eggs, garlic, hard cheeses such as parmesan and pecorino or fresh cheeses such as mozzarella, chevre and feta. The dried seeds can be ground into flour or mixed with flour for preparing bread.
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