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  • Papalo also called Papaloquelite porophyllum ruderale or macrocephalum. An herb, similar to cilantro used in Mexican cooking. The name comes from the word papalotl, Nahuatl for butterfly. In Spanish the plant is referred to as mampuitu which translates to skunk.
  • It is typically used raw to flavor tacos filled with guacamole or carnitas (pork). It is also used in a Puebla specialty using a cemita roll and stuffed with meat avocado tomatoes and sometimes chiles..
  • Rinse fresh papalo in cool water. The thin portion of the stem can be chopped and used with the leaves but thicker stems should be removed and discarded. Chopping the herb enhances the flavor..
  • Store fresh papalo, unwashed, wrapped in damp paper toweling. Refrigerate but use as quickly as possible. Alternately, you can stand the herb, stem side, down into a glass.
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