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  • Tejocote fruit has a round to oval shape and light orange outer skin. They have a texture and taste somewhat similar to apples yet more neutral, with both bitter and sweet undertones. The center of the small fruit has very tightly clustered seeds that form a kind of nut. Raw, the fruit is a bit hard; after boiling, cream colored flesh softens. The flesh oxidizes quickly.
  • Tejocote is very high in pectin, which is a naturally occurring substance that acts as a stabilizer or congealing agent. The pectin is extracted from the fruit and used in foods, pharmaceuticals and for industrial use.
  • The fruit of the Mexican Hawthorne is most often used as the main ingredient in a punch served in Mexico at Christmastime. “Ponche” is made using Tejocotes that have been peeled, halved, deseeded and boiled until soft.
  • They are added to a punch with various spices and other fruits. .Tejocotes are also canned after preparation for commercial sale. Jams, jellies and pastes are also made from the fruit; Tejocotes can be eaten raw as well.
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